By Johnmichael Woodruff

underpass killer.jpg


By Johnmichael Woodruff

I am a Level 6 Fine Art student, working towards a final body of work to take place in a virtual exhibition Degree Show On Mars, at Liverpool John Moores University. For this exhibition I have decided to produce a film from within the horror genre.

The film is a project that has been in production during my Level 6 year, throughout my practice I have enjoyed seeing my audience have a reaction towards my work. so I decided to start a project on using horror as my subject, I hoped that the research that I had collected for my work would have a great effect for what I had wanted to accomplish during this project, and I believe that I have within the posters and trailer I have created to show my film.


This image is one of the scenes in the film where we meet the antagonist that is hunting his prey, in an old house that has dark history tied to it.

break in.jpg

Leaflet Poster